AARC Training

Asian American Community Health Certificate

For UC Berkeley Undergraduate Students

This certificate introduces UC Berkeley students to the diversity, complexity and challenges in Asian American community health.  The Program serves as a foundation for further exploration of these issues in the fields of ethnic studies, public health, anthropology, business administration, digital health technology, social welfare, economics, and political science.  

Students have an opportunity to interact with many guest speakers who are at the forefront of community health research, grassroots activism, and advocacy.  Research and field work opportunities will be available based on personal interest and community needs.  

This certificate is the first undergraduate certificate in Asian American community health in the United States.  It is the culmination of a unique academic-student-community partnership led by AARC, Asian American and Asian Diaspora Studies ProgramAsian American Pacific Islander Health Research Groupand Pipeline in AANHPI Community Health

Asian American Research Center Graduate Fellowship

For UC Berkeley Doctoral Students

In an expansion of ISSI's Graduate Fellows Program (GFP), AARC funds one Graduate Fellow each year conducting research on social change in U.S. cities that is focused on Asian Americans. 

GFP plays an integral part in training scholars to address the pressing challenges that face California, the nation, and the world.  It has been especially effective in enabling students from underrepresented groups to complete their doctoral studies and obtain faculty positions at top academic institutions around the United States.

In addition to receiving monthly stipends, Graduate Fellows enjoy access to a rich array of activities that promote mentoring relations with faculty, collaboration with peers, and the exchange of ideas with a broad audience of academic and community leaders. The GFP offers doctoral students the opportunity to work in an intensive, small-group setting on issues of common interest.   Fellows from a range of disciplines support one another's research, make presentations at conferences and colloquia, and publish working papers.  The GFP creates the conditions for forging successful scholarly careers and assuming positions of intellectual leadership in the professoriate.

Prospective AARC Graduate Fellows apply via the same application as other ISSI Graduate Fellows.

MOVE: Asian American Community Organizing Fellowship

For UC Berkeley Students

AARC is proud to contribute funding for this fellowship that connects UC Berkeley student activists with local community organizations to build a pipeline for future community and social workers. More information.