ISSI Prizes

ISSI is proud to sponsor these prizes:

The FOUNDATIONS FOR CHANGE: Thomas I. Yamashita Prize is awarded annually to an outstanding emerging social change activist in California.  The award of $2,500 honors a person whose work transforms the existing social landscape - often in subtle and previously unappreciated ways - and serves as a bridge between the academy and the community. The award is not limited to students or scholars, but an honoree's work should reflect a commitment to strengthening ties between the academy and the community. There is no age limit for this award, but the honoree should be in the early stages of their career as a social change activist/scholar.

The KIDS FIRST: David L. Kirp Prize rewards students engaged in new or ongoing work that demonstrates a commitment, whether in education or other domains, to creating a better future for children and youth. The award of $2,500 is given to one UC Berkeley undergraduate student each year.  The Prize recognizes students who have developed innovative strategies to increase opportunities for children and youth, as well as students whose personal experience demonstrates a commitment to improving the future of children and youth.