About AARC

Launched in 2020, the Asian American Research Center at UC Berkeley is a preeminent research center for the study of Asian Americans/Asian diasporas in national, hemispheric, and global contexts. It brings together a vibrant, innovative, and dynamic assemblage of scholars, researchers, policy-makers, community organizers, and cultural producers to address a multiplicity of interests and concerns. AARC works to raise public awareness of Asian American/diaspora issues and advance cutting-edge research, develop innovative curricula, and promote community-campus engagement.

The planning for AARC began years before launch and was led by a Steering Committee including: Harvey Dong, Elaine H. Kim, Eunice Kwon, Michael Omi, Lok Siu, Jere Takahashi, Lisa Hirai Tsuchitani, and Khatharya Um. Thanks to seed funds from the California State Legislature, AARC began operations in 2020.

Founding Chair: Michael Omi (2020-2021)

Chair: Lok Siu (2021-2023)

Interim Chair: Steven Lee (2024)