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ISSI Responses to Covid19

We are maintaining a page on the ISSI website to collect the work of our affiliates and alumni in response to Covid19, and we have a similar page on the Berkeley Center for Social Medicine site for social medicine perspectives on the pandemic. We also acknowledge and appreciate that many in our community are advocating for those who are hit hardest by the pandemic, and some in our community are in that group. We grieve with those who are mourning, and our thoughts are with those who are sick or on the frontlines, whether in grocery stores or hospitals.

ICE agents are still performing raids – and using precious N95 masks to do so

Berkeley Center for Social Medicine (BCSM) co-chair Seth Holmes and BCSM affiliate Miriam Magaña Lopez call for an end to immigration raids in this op-ed in the March 31, 2020 edition of The Guardian. The article states that "ICE raids conducted by the federal government are putting our country at risk, worsening a critical shortage of medical supplies and leading to overcrowding and movement that facilitate the spread of Covid-19. At this historic moment, we must set our priorities straight. If we want to survive, we must stop ICE raids, detention and deportation. We must provide protective equipment to frontline workers in our health system. Our lives and the future of our society depend on it."


Congratulations to ISSI Researcher Jacqueline Adams

ISSI Senior Researcher Jacqueline Adams was awarded a Research Fellowship at the International Institute for Holocaust Research at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem to conduct research for her new book on the flight of Jewish refugees from Nazi and Vichy persecution between 1933 and 1945. Dr. Adams' fellowship will commence in 2021.

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