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The Trauma of Police Killings

Denise Herd, ISSI faculty affiliate, authored a new article in The Conversation that shares her findings on the widespread pain and grief that police killings foster. "Evidence shows that many Black Americans across the U.S. experience police killings of other Black people as traumatic events, and that this trauma diminishes the ability of Black communities to thrive."

Eugenics at the State Fair

Meghna Mukherjee, ISSI Graduate Student in Residence, is co-author of "Making Better Babies? Past and Future State Fair Contests Evaluating Geneticized Worth," a chapter in Birthing Techno-Sapiens: Human-Technology Co-Evolution and The Future of Reproduction, published this year by Routledge. The chapter analyzes the Better Babies Contests which started in the 1910's to encourage "families to judiciously pair only the 'fittest' parents and reproduce only the most capable babies."

The Rise of Anti-Asian Racism in the Pandemic

Lok Siu, faculty affiliate of ISSI's Asian American Research Center was interviewed in a number of media outlets analyzing the increase in anti-Asian hate as the pandemic wears on. In The New York Times, Voice of America, and Minnesota Public Radio, Siu explains how Asians have been used as a way to divide and conquer minorities by placing Asians on a pedestal as the "model minority." Discrimination against Asian Americans is often overlooked and dismissed, but this discrimination tends to peak in times of national crisis although it is rarely recognized as part of a systemic racism.

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