Grad Student - ISSI

Sheyda Aboii

Medical Anthropology, UC Berkeley/UC San Francisco

Joshua Acosta

Ethnic Studies, UC Berkeley

Alexander Adia

Health Policy and Management, UC Berkeley School of Public Health

Alexander Adia is a doctoral student in Health Policy (Population and Data Science Track). Alexander's research works towards the achievement of health equity and the addressing of health disparities, with a focus on identifying how market and policy changes can (intentionally or unintentionally) influence such outcomes. His existing projects include analyses on medical debt, provider market consolidation and its impacts on patients, and quality of care for Medicaid patients. His work prior to his doctoral program included research on data disaggregation for Asian Americans, Filipinx...

Elena Amaya

Sociology, UC Berkeley

Jane Angar

Political Science, UC Berkeley

Jane (Mango) Angar is pursuing her Ph.D. in Political Science at the University of California, Berkeley. Her research interests lie in the intersection of political violence and disability politics, focusing on how disability influences state consolidation, citizenship, and economic marginalization in former British colonies. Her dissertation project aims to delve into the history and institutionalization of disability rights movements within these regions, particularly in Africa. The project is based on interviews with disability rights activists and archival research in Zambia, Kenya,...

Aukeem Ballard

Education, UC Berkeley

Aukeem Ballard is a former secondary public-school educator, organizer, and school leader whose pedagogy and practices remain grounded in critical love. Aukeem is currently a PhD student in the Berkeley School of Education with a Designated Emphasis in Critical Theory. Aukeem's current research focuses on the gendered and racialized educational experiences, conditions, and practices that constitute (and are shaped by) phenomena such as love, hope, healing, and courage as mediated through, thereby informing, often oppressive and dehumanizing spaces. Aukeem seeks to highlight and...

Jacob Barton

Berkeley School of Education, UC Berkeley

Jake Barton is a former high school science teacher and a PhD Candidate at the Berkeley School of Education. He works with K-12 teachers and students throughout the East Bay, seeking to support their engagement with environmental and climate justice. As part of this work, he has helped facilitate an ongoing professional development program for teachers called OTACA (Oakland Teachers Advancing Climate Action) for the past several years. His dissertation is focused on this program and a design-based collaboration with several teachers and the Lawrence Hall of Science, through which students...

Eduardo Bautista-Duran

Jurisprudence and Social Policy, UC Berkeley

Jacqueline Brown

Sociology, UC Berkeley

Jacqueline Brown (she/her) is a PhD student in the Sociology department at University of California, Berkeley. She is a mixed-methodologist who is interested in access to higher education, organizational change, and socioeconomic mobility. Her research primarily uses quantitative, computational, and interview methods. She is currently working on a longitudinal analysis of college admissions policies related to income and class background and a study of invisible pedagogies among teachers in New York City. Additionally, she is a graduate student researcher on a project that evaluates a data...

Joanna Cardenas

African American Studies Department, UC Berkeley

Joanna Cardenas is a doctoral student in the Department of African American and African Diaspora Studies at UC Berkeley. Prior to graduate school, she received a dual B.A. in African American Studies and Legal Studies with honors from Cal. Her research interests are situated at the nexus of critical carceral studies, Disability Studies, and Black Feminist Thought, with an emphasis on the intersection of race, class, and gender. Through a close analysis of contemporary California prisons, Joanna’s work broadly focuses on how systems of confinement inform our understandings around gender,...