CRWS Mini-Grants for UC Berkeley Students

The Berkeley Center for Right-Wing Studies invites UC Berkeley graduate and undergraduate students to apply for small grants to assist with the development of student research projects on issues related to right-wing movements in the U.S. and other regions of the world. 

Established in February 2009, the mission of the Center is to encourage and nurture comparative scholarship on right-wing movements in the United States, Europe, Latin America, Asia, and other regions of the world in the 20th and 21st centuries.  The Center is especially interested in supporting research that examines the diversity of right-wing movements and their respective emphasis on social and religious issues, nationalism and race, and economic doctrines.  The Center promotes research, offers mini-grants, fellowships, and training opportunities to Berkeley students, publishes findings, and brings together leading scholars through conferences, colloquia, and other public events in order to engage in a comparative and interdisciplinary dialogue on right-wing ideology, politics, and organizational forms and their likely directions in the 21st century.


Full-time UC Berkeley undergraduate and graduate students who are conducting individual research projects on the Right in the U.S. and/or other parts of the world are eligible to apply. Proposals that support undergraduate thesis or graduate dissertation research are strongly encouraged. Undergraduates may apply for grants up to $500Graduate students may apply for grants up to $1,000.

Grant Period and Use of Funds:

Applications will be reviewed and grants will be awarded in February 2024. Funds must be used by February 1, 2025. Any unused funds will be retained by the Center.

Funds may be used only to pay direct costs related to the proposed project, such as travel to research sites, research supplies, photocopying, and transcription services.  Funds may not be used for equipment purchases, stipends, living expenses, conference attendance or educational travel.  Grant payments will be made in the form of reimbursement for expenses.


All students must work with a faculty mentor. The student's mentor must commit to supporting and advising the applicant throughout the research project.

All grantees must submit a final report no later than February 28, 2025 containing an itemized expense report, a statement of what was accomplished, and a list of papers and/or publications that directly or indirectly resulted from the grant.

Application Process:

Apply via this online form. Applications are due Monday, December 11th, at 4pm.

All applications must include the following materials:

  • Section I: Applicant Information and Agreement Form

  • Section II: Abstract (up to 250 words), description of your project (up to 1,000 words) and timeline (up to 250 words)

  • Section III: Budget and Explanation of Budget 

  • Section IV: Protection of Human Subjects Compliance

  • Section V: Curriculum Vitae or Resumé

  • Section VI: Signed Mentor Agreement Form

(Incomplete applications will not be considered.)

We expect to notify applicants by February 2.

For more information about the Berkeley Center for Right-Wing Studies and its Mini-grant Program, please contact | 510.642.0813.