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In addition to the work of its research centers, ISSI sponsors projects and working groups on a range of topics related to the study of societal issues.

Interdisciplinary Research Group on Privacy 

The Interdisciplinary Research Group on Privacy meets weekly on Fridays at ISSI. With funding from the Social Science Matrix, Townsend Center for the Humanities, Center for Long-term Cybersecurity, Center for Technology Society and Policy, the SMART program, and the Graduate Division, this research project seeks to understand the deeper cultural logics inherent in shifting views on privacy in the modern world as well as the evolution of its meaning historically in the US context. The group gives undergraduate students at all stages the opportunity to obtain hands-on experience as research assistants. Students learn in a diverse, supportive, small group environment. Still trying to figure out if graduate school is for you? Students also learn skills relevant and marketable outside of the research space. If you are an undergraduate student seeking more information on volunteering as a research assistant, students interested in being considered for either credit or volunteer positions can at the beginning of each semester through the URAP website. The project is called "I Regret To Inform You That Your Private Information Has Been Compromised." Please email Naniette Coleman ( for more information 

Scholarly Writing Accountability Group (SWAG)

The Scholarly Writing Accountability Group (SWAG) meets at ISSI from 10am -1pm daily. SWAG provides a quiet space for students to work on their dissertation chapters, master’s papers, or other writing materials. We set 50 minute timers and take 10 minute breaks throughout the period. The goal is to teach students how to become disciplined about their writing time and to create a community setting for students to talk about writing blocks and frustrations during our breaks. SWAG is directed by Professor G. Cristina Mora (Sociology) and is open to all ISSI residents and Sociology graduate students – just come by and join us!


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