Grad Student - AARC

Joshua Acosta

Ethnic Studies, UC Berkeley

Tak-Huen Chau

Political Science, UC Berkeley

Tak-Huen Chau is a PhD candidate in political science and MA candidate in economics. He is interested in social identities and political behavior in general. Currently, he is working on projects that utilize formal theory and surveys to explain dominant group attitudes on national identity, assimilation, and bilingual education.

Lena Chen

Performance Studies, UC Berkeley

Joyce Cheng

School of Public Health, UC Berkeley

Joyce Cheng joined the Doctor of Public Health program in Fall 2024. Joyce aims to strengthen her training in community engagement partnership and research, equitable health information delivery as well as to explore cross-sectoral partnership and innovative systems thinking. Joyce started her career in the non-profit community health sector in 2006 and held a leadership role since 2020. Joyce serves as the Executive Director and Community Researcher at the Chinese Community Health Resource Center to lead a mission to build a healthy community through culturally and linguistically...

Claire Chun

Ethnic Studies, UC Berkeley

Quennie Dong

School of Education, UC Berkeley

Zachary Lorico Hertz

Charles and Louise Travers Department of Political Science, UC Berkeley

Zachary Lorico Hertz is a Ph.D. student in the Charles and Louise Travers Department of Political Science at the University of California, Berkeley. He is particularly interested in understanding how race and class identity develop, are expressed through political behavior, and intersect with power in local politics. In his research, he uses causal inference methods and survey data to study the effects an increasingly diverse and partisan electorate will have on representation and sub-national institutions. His current project uses both experimental and observational methods to assess the...

Victoria Huynh

Ethnic Studies, UC Berkeley

Jessica Jiang

Ethnic Studies, UC Berkeley

Jin Hyung Lim

Jin Hyung is a PhD student in the School Psychology Program at the Berkeley School of Education. As an international student from South Korea, he is passionate about promoting the mental health of Asian American students, teachers, and families. Guided by the social-ecological framework and resilience theory, he studies how school and community resources can function as promotive and protective factors for the psychological well-being of Asian Americans.