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Global Voices for Global Justice: Expanding Right to Health Frameworks

This 2023 special issue of 
Health and Human Rights Journal,honoring the legacy of Paul Farmer, is co-sponsored by Berkeley Center for Social Medicine. Co-editors include former BCSM VS Carlos Piñones-Rivera, BCSM grad student Joel Ferrall, and BCSM Co-Chair Seth Holmes. The issue, available to read open access, includes an article by BCSM affiliates Margaret Mary Downey and Ariana Thompson-Lastad.

Social Medicine Case Series: Bringing Structural Frameworks to Global Public Health and Health Care

The New England Journal of Medicine “Case Studies in Social Medicine” project commissioned and edited a series of articles to communicate the social structures affecting the health and well-being of patients in ways that will influence the programs, projects, and care provided by health professionals. Articles are authored by clinicians and social medicine scholars and describe a clinical case as well as analyze the case to bring out social structural insights vital to the understanding and practice of health care. As a field of research, social medicine seeks to understand the ways in which social factors influence health, disease, and medical practice. The goal of the series is to show that social forces are just as amenable to analysis, investigation, and intervention as the cellular and molecular mechanisms of disease and to demonstrate that social forces are at least as important to analyze, investigate, and address. This project is sponsored by the Berkeley Center for Social Medicine, Johns Hopkins University's Center for the Medical Humanities and Social Medicine and the Open Society Foundations. Read more about the project and find the articles linked here.

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