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Men Educators of Color in U.S. Public Schools and Abroad

Ashley N. Woodson
Travis J. Bristol

Edited by: Ashley N. Woodson, Travis J. Bristol

This book reflects the diversity and possibility of critical research in education, with an emphasis on the examination of the intersections of social identities for men teachers of color, and the relationship between social identity and struggles for political and professional agency. The authors address race and race inequality in education and provide a strong theoretical foundation for filling the empirical gap on men teachers of color by engaging in questions such as:

How do critical...

An Introduction to Language and Social Justice What Is, What Has Been, and What Could Be

Netta Avinerid
Patricia Baquedano-López

By: Netta Avinerid and Patricia Baquedano-López

This innovative, interdisciplinary course textbook is designed to provide the who, what, where, when, why, and how of the intersections of language, inequality, and social justice in North America, using the applied linguistic anthropology (ALA) framework.

Written in accessible language and at a level equally legible for advanced undergraduate and graduate students, this text connects theory and practice by sketching out relevant historical background, introducing theoretical and conceptual...

Globalization and Civil Society in East Asia

Khatharya Um
Chiharu Takenaka

Edited by: Khatharya Um and Chiharu Takenaka

This book critically examines the impact of globalization, changing power dynamics, migration, and evolving rights regimes on regional order, discourse of national governance, state and society relations, and the development of civil society in East Asia. Providing a textured, critical reading of East Asia as an economically, socially, and politically dynamic region, this book also presents the region as one shaped simultaneously by progressive as well as regressive pulls. Attentive to prevailing issues...

Globalization and Civil Society in East Asia

December 8, 2023

The newly released book, Globalization and Civil Society in East Asian Space, co-edited by AARC faculty affiliate Khatharya Um, analyzes East Asian society as an economically, socially, and politically dynamic region. Drawing conclusions from multidisciplinary fields, the book explores the influence of globalization, changing power dynamics, migration, and evolving rights regimes on national and regional...

Learning and Expanding with Activity Theory

Harry Daniels
Kris Gutiérrez
Annalisa Sannino

Edited by Annalisa Sannino, Harry Daniels, and Kris Gutiérrez - The book is a collection about cultural-historical activity theory as it has been developed and applied by Yrjo Engeström. The work of Engeström is both rooted in the legacy of Vygotsky and Leont’ev and focuses on current research concerns that are related to learning and development in work practices. His publications cross various disciplines and develop intermediate theoretical tools to deal with empirical questions. In this volume, Engeström’s work is used as a springboard to reflect on the question...

Solving Latino Psychosocial and Health Problems

Kurt Organista

By Kurt Organista

How do we understand the tendency for Latinos to underutilize certain social services and what types of outreach and intervention strategies are beginning to remedy this longstanding problem? How are Latino psychosocial and health problems shaped by historical and current conditions of acculturation and adjustment, social stratification, ethnic/racial identity development, diversity within Latinos, and politics and social policy? And what are the best and most promising practices for addressing Latino psychosocial and health problems and how...

CRSC Publications

Books authored or edited by Center for Research on Social Change affiliates.

World Yearbook of Education 2023: Racialization and Educational Inequality in Global Perspective

Janelle Scott
Monisha Bajaj

Edited by Janelle Scott and Monisha Bajaj. The World Yearbook of Education 2023 centers on the intersection of racialization, inequality, and education. It critically examines how racial formation and its associated logics about citizenship, belonging, justice, equality, and humanity manifest in early childhood education, primary, secondary, and higher education, as well as non-formal, community-based education settings. The chapters offer multisited perspectives into how racialization has and continues to shape educational inequality, with an eye towards the...

Atmospheres of Violence: Structuring Antagonism and the Trans/Queer Ungovernable

Eric Stanley

By Eric A. Stanley - Advances in LGBTQ rights in the recent past—marriage equality, the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell, and the expansion of hate crimes legislation—have been accompanied by a rise in attacks against trans, queer and/or gender-nonconforming people of color. In Atmospheres of Violence, theorist and organizer Eric A. Stanley shows how this seeming contradiction reveals the central role of racialized and gendered violence in the United States. Rather than suggesting that such violence is evidence of individual phobias, Stanley shows how it...

Bourdieu in the City: Challenging Urban Theory

Loïc Wacquant

By Loïc Wacquant - Building on three decades of comparative research on marginality, ethnicity, and penality in the postindustrial metropolis, Loïc Wacquant offers a novel interpretation of Pierre Bourdieu as urban theorist. He invites us to explore the city through what he callsthe trialectic of symbolic space(the mental categories through which we perceive and organize the world),social space(the distribution of capital in its different forms), andphysical space(the built environment). On this reading, Bourdieu's topological...