Lawrence Rosenthal

Department and Institution: 
Center for Right-Wing Studies, UC Berkeley

Dr. Lawrence Rosenthal is Chair and Lead Researcher of the Berkeley Center for Right-Wing Studies, which he founded in 2009. He has taught at UC Berkeley in the Sociology and Italian Studies Departments and was a Fulbright Professor at the University of Naples in Italy. He has studied the Right in the United States and in Italy and is currently working on a study of the contemporary American Right in comparison to movements of the Right in 20th century Europe. He co-edited Steep: The Precipitous Rise of the Tea Party and The New Nationalism and the First World War. His work has appeared in numerous publications including the Nation, the International New York TimesThe San Francisco ChronicleForeign Policy and many others. Some of his commentary can be found on HuffPost. He is author of Empire of Resentment: Populism’s Toxic Embrace of Nationalism (New Press 2020).


Lawrence Rosenthal; Vesna Rodic
Book, 2014
Lawrence Rosenthal; Christine Trost
Book, 2012