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ISSI provides office space to more than 75 affiliated faculty (listed below), graduate studentsresearch staff, and visiting scholars from more than a dozen disciplines in the social sciences and professional schools.  In addition, dozens more faculty and students are affiliated with one or more of ISSI's six research centers. With support from ISSI's leadership and staff, these scholars add to the intellectual vitality of the Institute and serve as valuable sources of expertise and knowledge for students, faculty and community members.  

Each of the ISSI Centers has many affiliated faculty members and postdoctoral scholars who are listed on the Center websites. The following are in residence at ISSI:

Vincanne Adams, Anthropology, History and Social Medicine, UCSF

Patricia Baquedano-López, Graduate School of Education, UC Berkeley 

Charles Briggs, Anthropology, Co-Chair, Berkeley Center for Social Medicine, UC Berkeley

Aaron Cicourel, Professor Emeritus of Sociology & Cognitive Science, UC San Diego

Troy Duster, Chancellor's Professor, UC Berkeley

Mark Fleming, Public Health, UC Berkeley

Deborah Gordon, Anthropology and Social Medicine, UCSF

Kris Gutierrez, Education, UC Berkeley

Seth Holmes, Medical Anthropology, Public Health; Co-Chair, Berkeley Center for Social Medicine, Berkeley

Kelly Knight, Anthropology, History and Social Medicine, UCSF

Clara Mantini-Briggs, Anthropology, UC Berkeley

Amani M. Allen, Public Health, UC Berkeley

Trond Petersen, Sociology, UC Berkeley

Larry Rosenthal, Public Policy, UC Berkeley

Martín Sánchez-Jankowski, Sociology; Chair, Center for Ethnographic Research; Chair, Joseph A. Myers Center for Research on Native American Issues, UC Berkeley

Stephen Small, African American Studies; Director, Institute for the Study of Societal Issues

Jeffrey Schonberg, Anthropology, San Francisco State University

Loïc Wacquant, Sociology, UC Berkeley

Ian Whitmarsh, Medical Anthropology, UCSF

Institute for the Study of Societal Issues
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