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In addition to the work of its research centers, ISSI sponsors projects and working groups on a range of topics related to the study of societal issues.

Mathematial, Analytical and Experimental Sociology Graduate Student Working Group (MAXsoc) 

The Mathematial, Analytical and Experimental Sociology graduate student working group (MAXsoc) meets most Fridays at ISSI to discuss and constructively critique student work in progress. The group, which initially centered around social networks, cognition, experiments, and agent-based modeling, has transitioned to admit work on a diverse range of substantive topics (including culture, organizations, labor markets, and the criminal justice system), using a wider range of methodologies (including archival, interview-based, and statistical methodologies), and at varying points in the research process (from ideas and grant proposals to full drafts of papers). If you are a Berkeley graduate student and are interested in taking part in the group, please e-mail Joe LaBriola ( or Matt Stimpson (


Visit the center websites for descriptions of the following working groups:

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HEART Research Group (Health Effects Associated with Racism Threat)

Center for Ethnographic Research

CER Writing Group

Institute for the Study of Societal Issues
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