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October 27, 2016
Corey Fields
4 - 5:30 p.m.
Wildavsky Conference Room,
2538 Channing (Inst. for the Study of Societal Issues)

October 31, 2016
Lauret Edith Savoy
12 - 1:30 p.m.
Anna Head Alumnae Hall (2537 Haste St.)

October 31, 2016
Lauret Edith Savoy
12 - 1:30 p.m.
Anna Head Alumnae Hall (2537 Haste St.)

Institute News

Call For Nominations - 2017 Yamashita Prize

We are now accepting nominations for the 2017 FOUNDATIONS FOR CHANGE: Thomas I. Yamashita Prize, which is awarded annually to an outstanding young social change activist/scholar in California. The award of $2500 honors a person whose work transforms the existing social landscape - often in subtle and previously unappreciated ways - and serves as a bridge between the academy and the community. Nominations are due December 1, 2016. Download a nomination form and instructions at

Latino voters respond to outreach, not insult

In this article in The Conversation, Lisa García Bedolla, Chancellor's Professor of Education and Political Science and ISSI affiliated faculty member, questions whether Trump’s insults will motivate Latino voters to turn out to vote. “If you have been raised to believe that you have no power to improve your circumstances, especially through politics, a national party candidate reiterating racial hatred will not automatically lead you to act. It could just reinforce your sense of exclusion and result in deep and destructive feelings of despair.”

Why Prop. 57 Could Keep More Kids Out of Adult Court

Currently, a district attorney, not a judge, decides whether to send a young person between 14 and 17 to adult court. The practice is called direct file, and it will end in California if Proposition 57 passes. “The pernicious part of direct file is there is no hearing,” said Barry Krisberg, ISSI Visiting Scholar, in this KQED radio program.  “Somebody in the back office of a prosecutor’s office decides to try a youth as an adult, and there’s not too much that can be done about it [unless Prop. 57 passes].”

Featured Books

Tell Me Why My Children Died

by Charles L. Briggs and Clara Mantini-Briggs, ISSI affiliated faculty members (Duke University Press, 2016)

by Martín Sánchez-Jankowski (University of California Press, 2016)

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