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The Good and Bad of a Reputation

Jason Okonufua, faculty affiliate of ISSI's Center for Research on Social Change, is co-author of an article in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology examining the role a student's reputation plays in the discipline context. The study found that reputations did impact what punishments and consequences a White student would receive, but a reputation was somewhat inconsequential for a Black student.

Addressing the Structural Foundations of Homelessness in the Bay Area

Carolina Reid, faculty affiliate of ISSI's Center for Research on Social Change, is the author of a new Berkeley blog discussing the severity of the Bay Area's housing insecurity and homelessness crisis and calling for the reformation of public policies that have failed to address the needs of extremeley low-income households.

Indigenous Mobilities in Diaspora

Patricia Baquedano-López, faculty affiliate of ISSI's Center for Research on Social Change, and Nate Gong, Asian American Research Center Graduate Fellow, are co-authors of "Indigenous Mobilities in Diaspora: Literacies of Spatial Tense," a chapter in the edited volume Literacies in the Age of Mobility: Literacy Practices of Adult and Adolescent Migrants. The two discuss how a group of Indigenous Maya parents and a group of Pacific Islander students create and engage literacies, specifically literacies of spatial tense.

Latinopia Showcase: 50 Years of Struggle

In December 2021, a group of Mexican American scholars met at the Latinx Research Center to celebrate fifty years of Mexican American Studies. The group included many who were founders of the National Association of Chicana and Chicano Studies (NACCS). The organizing committee includes ISSI/LRC faculty affiliates/alums Teresa Córdova, David Montejano, and Larry Trujillo. The event was documented in three videos available here: Part One discussed the victories and areas that still need to be addressed, Part Two discussed the impact of environmental racism on Latinx communities, Part Three explored the present and future of Mexican American studies.

Freedom! The Story of the Black Panther Party

Freedom! The Story of the Black Panther Party is a new book for young adults co-authored by Waldo Martin, Jr., faculty affiliate of ISSI's Center for Research on Social Change, and by Joshua Bloom, an Institute alum. The book not only recounts the history of the revolution of the Black Panther Party, but also tells a story about Black nationalism, Black radicalism, and about Black people in America.

CFP: Journal of Right-Wing Studies

The Berkeley Center for Right-Wing Studies announces the launch of a new Open Access journal in partnership with eScholarship at the University of California. The Journal of Right-Wing Studies aims to shed light on the politics of the moment by investigating the nature and origins of recent transformations on the right and by promoting the study of the right in its historical and cultural diversity. 

We publish on any topic—race and ethnicity, gender and sexuality, class and markets, religion and culture, media and communications—that touches the right’s mobilization, history, or thinking. We are especially interested in submissions that question the category of “the right,” the relationship among its component groupings and ideas, the right’s relationship to the political left, and their global applicability. 

General inquiries, article submissions, and essay pitches can be sent to Additional information is available on our website.

Abortion Rights and Assault Weapons

In this episode of the Americast podcast from BBC NewsKhiara Bridges, faculty affiliate of ISSI's Center for Ethnographic Research, sits down with the hosts to discuss the potential efficacy of Governor Gavin Newsom's plan to stop the sale and manufacturing of assault weapons in California by copying the anti-abortion tactics of Texas.

Addresing Latinx Social Inequality in Later Life

Former ISSI Graduate Fellows Isabel García Valdivia and Melanie Z. Plasencia are featured in this Graduate Student Profile, highlighting their research on aging in Latinx communities. Drawing on their in-depth qualitative research, they discuss the ways that national policy, local context, and family shape the experiences of older Latinxs.

Ballots Building Power - Understanding Power-Building Ecosystems

Nicole Hirsch, ISSI Visiting Scholar, is co-author of a new report, "Understanding Power-Building Ecosystems: Case Studies in Civic Engagement and Power-Building through Ballot Initiatives." This study analyzes three ballot initiatives and their potential to better support civic engagement and build power for underserved, oppressed communities.

AARC Research Grant Awardees 2021

ISSI's Asian American Research Center has awarded grants for UCB faculty and student research projects in the fields of Social Welfare, Ethnic Studies, Anthropology, Education, Jurisprudence & Social Policy, Psychology, Performance Studies, and English. The varied topics include the impact of anti-Asian hate on educators, the digitial activism of BTS ARMY, the influence of COVID-19 on Southeast Asian Americans, 1800's shrimp processors in CA, zombies, and more!


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