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Through a Deficit Lens

In her Inside Higher Ed essay, "Through a Deficit Lens," ISSI Grad Student in Residence Sarah Manchanda critques the roles race and gender can play in reinforcing institutional othering of disability.

Channing Street view of Anna Head Building


Due to budget cuts and the dilapidated condition of our building, the Vice Chancellor for Research Office has decided to close ISSI in June of 2021. Some of our affiliates are fighting the closure and have developed this website to showcase the value of the Institute and the widespread support for it. Please help save ISSI:

  • Sign the petition on the website (there's a form to do so).
  • Amplify our message on social media. There's a pinned tweet on the ISSI Twitter page which you can like, share, retweet. And likewise on Facebook. If you prefer to put it in your own words, that's much appreciated too! Please use the hashtag #SaveISSI

The Chronicle of Higher Education published a story about the closure and the fight to save ISSI.

Latinx Voters and the 2020 Election

ISSI Faculty Affiliate Ian Haney López co-authored this opinion essay in The New York Times. López asserts that presidential candidate Joe Biden can rally the Latinx vote by building a common cause of a better future for all. "There’s a winning message Mr. Biden and his party can deliver that resonates with most Hispanics no matter how they conceptualize the group’s racial identity." Professor Haney López gave a talk on a related topic at ISSI's Center for Research on Social Change last year; it can be found in this YouTube video:

Legal Power in Action

Isabel García Valdivia, ISSI Graduate Fellow and Ph.D. Candidate in Sociology, published a new article titled "Legal Power in Action: How Latinx Adult Children Mitigate the Effects of Parents' Legal Status through Brokering," in the journal Social Problems. "These findings provide an understanding of how the transition to legal adulthood affects the way adult children of immigrants help their undocumented parents access resources and information, negotiate the effects of immigration laws, and reduce some inequality suffered by their families."

Prize for Undergraduates Working to Improve the Future for Children and Youth

Each year the KIDS FIRST: David L. Kirp Prize awards $2,500 to a UC Berkeley undergraduate who has developed innovative strategies to increase opportunities for children and youth or who has demonstrated a commitment to improving the future of children and youth. The prize is open to students from all majors, and the application deadline is October 26, 2020. Application and more details are available here.  

Empire of Resentment

An interview with Center for Right-Wing Studies chair Larry Rosenthal about his new book, Empire of Resentment: Populism's Toxic Embrace of Nationalism, was featured in the Berkeley News. An excerpt from the book, "How Identity Politics Became All About White Men," is available on Medium. "The fierceness of the new identity movements [of Trumpism, the Tea Party and the alt-right] is more about status lost than property lost. It is a loss so profoundly felt that it has generated a fierceness powerful enough to transform politics in the U.S. — and in much of the Western world."

The Legacy of Slavery and Imperialism and Its Relevance During the Pandemic

In "The Living History of Slavery and Imperialism: Healing and Empowerment in the time of Covid-19," ISSI Interim Director Stephen Small recounts the consequential features of imperialism and British slavery in this talk for the International Slavery Museum. Small's keynote lecture on Slavery Remembrance Day also explores the continuing legacy of slavery and imperalism and the strategies passed down throughout the generations by African people including during the time of the coronavirus.

Dismantling Systemic Racism

"To Dismantle Systemic Racism, White People Must Be Willing to Give Up Their Power" is an article written by ISSI Graduate Fellow Alicia Sheares for Noteworthy - The Journal Blog. In her article, Sheares addresses the issues of systemic racism and highlights the power dynamics between White people and Black people through themes of privilege. She also proposes multiple ways in which White people can transfer their power to Black people and help eradicate systemic racism.

ISSI Responses to Covid19

We are maintaining a page on the ISSI website to collect the work of our affiliates and alumni in response to Covid19, and we have a similar page on the Berkeley Center for Social Medicine site for social medicine perspectives on the pandemic. We also acknowledge and appreciate that many in our community are advocating for those who are hit hardest by the pandemic, and some in our community are in that group. We grieve with those who are mourning, and our thoughts are with those who are sick or on the frontlines, whether in grocery stores or hospitals.

Where Are We Now?

ISSI Interim Director Stephen Small engages with Pawlet Brookes about institutional racism and the history of Black people in Britain in the sixth episode of the podcast A Dialogue With Masters.


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