Graduate Students in Residence

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ISSI provides shared office space to graduate students who are engaged in dissertation research and writing on pressing social issues.  Below are the names of ISSI's current Graduate Student Residents:

Eduardo Bautista Duran, Jurisprudence & Social Policy

Kenly Brown, African American Studies

Ataya Cesspooch, Environmental Science, Policy and Management

Andy Chang, Sociology

Naniette Coleman, Sociology

Nicole-Marie Cotton, African American & African Diaspora Program

Isaac Dalke, Sociology

Caleb Dawson, Education

Xavier Durham, Sociology

Gabby Medina Falzone, Education

willow Frye, School of Public Health/Joint Medical Program

Blanca Gamez-Djokic, Education

Adriana Green, African American Studies

Michel Estefan Gutierrez, Sociology

Marcelo Garzo Montalvo, Ethnic Studies

Kristin George, Sociology

Jaren Haber, Sociology

Alein Y. Haro-Garcia, Health Policy, Population Health Sciences

Chris Herring, Sociology

Christian Hosam, Political Science

Monique Hosein, Public Health

Shakirah Hudani, City and Regional Planning

Sara Johnsen, Sociology, UCLA

Cherod Johnson, African American Studies

Matty Lichtenstein, Sociology

Renee Mack, Social Welfare

Sarah Manchanda, Education

Brie McLemore, Jurisprudence and Social Policy

Pauline White Meeusen, Jurisprudence and Social Policy

Meghna Mukherjee, Sociology

Michael J. Myers II, African American Studies

Kristen Nelson, Sociology

Fantasia Painter, Ethnic Studies

Ogi Radic, Sociology

G. Allen Ratliff, Social Welfare

Ryan Rhadigan, Rhetoric

Kamala Russell, Anthropology

Valentín Sierra, Social Welfare

Prami Sengupta, Social Ecology, UC Irvine

Alice Taylor, Education

Fithawee Tzeggai, Sociology

Levi Vonk, Medical Anthropology

Karen Villegas, Education

Brandon Williams, History

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