Affiliated Graduate Students

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Sheyda Aboii, UCB-UCSF Joint Medical Program

Elena Amaya, Sociology

Eduardo Bautista-Duran, Jurisprudence and Social Policy (In Residence)

ree botts, African American and African Diaspora Studies (In Residence)

Ataya Cesspooch, Envionmental Science, Policy and Management (In Residence)

Naniette Coleman, Sociology (In Residence)

Nicole-Marie Cotton, African American & African Diaspora Studies (In Residence)

Isaac Dalke, Sociology (In Residence)

Caleb Dawson, Education (In Residence)

Xavier Durham, Sociology (In Residence)

Rosalie Zdzienicka Fanshel, Environmental Science, Policy, and Management

Akilah Favors, Sociology (In Residence)

Benjamin Fields, Sociology 

Adriana Green, African American Studies (In Residence)

Kristin George, Sociology (In Residence)

Sara Johnsen, Sociology, UCLA (In Residence)

Cherod Johnson, African American Studies (In Residence)

Zhuofan Li, Sociology, University of Arizona 

Sarah Manchanda, Education (In Residence)

Daryl Mangosing, Public Health

Brie McLemore, Jurisprudence and Social Policy (In Residence)

Pauline White Meeusen, Jurisprudence and Social Policy (In Residence)

Meghna Mukherjee, Sociology (In Residence)

Michael J. Myers II, African American Studies (In Residence)

Kristen Nelson, Sociology (In Residence)

Sarah Payne, Sociology

Melanie Plasencia, Ethnic Studies

Ogi Radic, Sociology (In Residence)

Ángel Mendiola Ross, Sociology

Natasha Shannon, Environmental Science, Policy, and Management

Valentín Sierra, Social Welfare (In Residence)

Zoe Silverman, Education

Prami Sengupta, Social Ecology, UC Irvine (In Residence)

Alexii Sigona, Environmental Science, Policy, and Management

Alice Taylor, Education (In Residence)

Emily Fjaellen Thompson, Anthropology

Rosario Torres, Environmental Science, Policy, and Management

Karen Villegas, Education (In Residence)

Levi Vonk, Medical Anthropology (In Residence)

Charlotte Wang, Sociology, Columbia University

Paula Winicki Brzostowski, Sociology

Katherine Wolf, Environmental Science, Policy, and Management

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